All drops
Just farm
Case contains
★ Shadow Daggers
Desert Eagle
Oxide Blaze
Violent Daimyo
R8 Revolver
Bone Mask
Galil AR
Rocket Pop

Just farm case

Main information

Just farm case attracts gamers with its affordable price and possibility to get a valuable knife. Also, you can obtain P250 Franklin gun. Its price is equal to the cost of the whole Milspec case! In fact, opening Just farm the simplest way to receive a valuable skin, having spent a minimum of money. It's time to see what's inside. Open it up and refill your inventory!

Best skins

A knife is the main highlight of Just farm case. Besides an expensive skin, you have a chance of getting P250 Franklin gun, which costs like an entire Milspec case! Pretentious hundred-dollar bill images adorned this stylish device. What weapon will drop out depends solely on your luck. Try it out!


To get a skin, click Open Case button. Skins fall out randomly. As soon as you get one, you can sell it or add to your Steam inventory. The probability of dropping out a particular skin can be found in a special table. If a player is inactive for 2 hour, the weapon is sold automatically.
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