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Totally opened:
Players online:
Case contains
★ Karambit
★ Bowie Knife
Urban Masked
★ Butterfly Knife
Urban Masked
★ Falchion Knife
Urban Masked
★ Flip Knife
Boreal Forest
★ Gut Knife
Damascus Steel
★ Gut Knife
Forest DDPAT
★ Huntsman Knife
Boreal Forest
★ Shadow Daggers
Boreal Forest
Neon Revolution
Hyper Beast
Galil AR
Rose Iron
R8 Revolver
Llama Cannon
Fuel Injector
Kill Confirmed

Karambit case

Main information

How to identify a devoted CS:GO player? By the skin of his knife, obviously! True gamers spare no expense to buy cool devices. But you can get a flashy weapon at minimal cost. For instance, open a Karambit case, which contains steep knives. If you are lucky, you may score an impressive Karambit Fade knife. The probability of such a drop is 0.5%. Take a risk and open the case now!

Best skins

The luckiest players may become owners of Karambit Fade knife from Karambit case. Its price is above USD 500. This device has smooth stylish design: black handle, sharp blade. It’s a prime example of a deadly weapon. Karambit case also has other cool stuff inside. Open it up and see what you get!


To get a skin, click Open Case button. Skins fall out randomly. As soon as you get one, you can sell it or add to your Steam inventory. The probability of dropping out a particular skin can be found in a special table. If a player is inactive for 2 hour, the weapon is sold automatically.
Skins dropping chance
Galil AR | Chatterbox12%
MP9 | Rose Iron35%
R8 Revolver | Llama Cannon15%
Tec-9 | Fuel Injector30%
M4A4 | Asiimov1%
AWP | Hyper Beast1%
AK-47 | Neon Revolution1%
USP-S | Kill Confirmed0.5%
★ Bowie Knife | Urban Masked0.5%
★ Butterfly Knife | Urban Masked0.5%
★ Falchion Knife | Urban Masked0.5%
★ Flip Knife | Boreal Forest0.5%
★ Gut Knife | Damascus Steel0.5%
★ Gut Knife | Forest DDPAT0.5%
★ Huntsman Knife | Boreal Forest0.5%
★ Shadow Daggers | Boreal Forest0.5%
Karambit | Fade0.5%
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