What is CSBET.GG?

CSBET.GG is a site for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players where you have the chance to get some of the best skins CS:GO through case opening.

Case opening

You select one of the cases by clicking on them and then clicking on the "Open" button. After the drum stops, you will be able to see which skin you have received.

How do I add funds to my account on CSBET.GG?

You need to click the "Add Funds" button, select the payment system and enter the desired amount. After that you will open the payment system page where you will be required to authorize or specify the payment requisites.

What are coins?

Coins are our virtual currency that's used to open cases on CSBET.GG. Coins can be purchased at the CSBET.GG cashbox.

Can I sell skins from the Steam account in exchange for coins?

Yes, you can. You can do it by going to the cashier and clicking the "Add funds" button. After that, you must choose Skinpay as a payment. When that is complete, you can then select the skins you want to exchange for coins and click the "Add funds" button.

Can I sell the skins I've won for coins?

Yes, you can. Go to your profile on CSBET.GG, click "Sell" on the skin.

How can I get the skins that I've won?

Go to your profile on CSBET.GG, select the skin and click "Submit". You will receive your items through the exchange offer, which is available on link. You need to accept the exchange offer from our bot. Things to pay attention to:

  1. Please make sure that your Steam inventory is open for everyone;
  2. Make sure that your Steam TradeURL is working. You should update it every time you create a new TradeURL on your Steam profile, because the old TradeURL will not work otherwise;
  3. If you do not accept the exchange offer from our bot within 2 hours, the item will be automatically sold at it cost.

What can I do at CSBET.GG?

At this point, case opening is the only available options. Insta-games will be available in the near future so our users can have fun playing them.

How to start opening cases?

Before opening any cases, make sure that you can get the skins that you've won on your Steam account. To do this:

  1. Enter your Steam account, go to "My privacy settings". In the Inventory preferences, select "Open" and save the changes;
  2. Open your Steam inventory, make sure that you do not have an interdiction for the exchange and that it has been more than 14 days after the last password change;
  3. Go to CSBET.GG - in your profile enter your Trade URL in and save it.
  4. Refill the balance on the CSBET.GG account.

How quickly does the money come with replenishment?

It comes almost immediately. However, in some cases the enrollment can last up to an hour.

Can I use the Steam purse to replenish the balance on your website?

The funds on your Steam account are not suitable for cases opening on CSBET.GG. You need to replenish your account through any payment method in the cashbox of CSBET.GG, including skins.

I have clicked the "Send" button, but I've received an error "Coold not send the skin." What should I do?

The bot is unable to send you the item in the following situations:

  1. You haven't a mobile authenticator
  2. Your inventory is configured as "Hidden" in the Steam privacy settings;
  3. Check your TradeURL in the profile and on Steam - they must match;
  4. You have blocked transactions (you logged on the new device, recently changed your password / email address, changed the Steam Guard security settings, you have a VAC-ban, etc.);
  5. Problems can sometimes occur when sending skins to your Steam account due to various reasons.An example of that is the Steam network being too busy at that moment. Also, you should read "Trading and Market Restrictions". It is also possible that you might have banned our bot by mistake, in which case you should contact our support and describe the problem in detail. If you do not receive your skin within 2 hours its full value will be returned to your balance.