What are X-ray cases? It would be easier to explain this in comparison with standard cases.

A case is a 2-part item, it has a list of skins available for drawing and a roulette. After purchasing, a case is “opened” – a roulette is spun and marks the prized skin. If you don’t like the prize, the awarded skin can be sold to the website at cost and you can continue opening cases.

However, fans of flashy skins know that cases generally provide cheap skins, which can pay off only if you get extremely lucky. If you sell the prized skins, it hardly covers buying another case. Here is the opening process of a standard case:

A Standard Case Opening

This is just an example, but it shows that for 1000 coins ($10) you can open the case only 2 times. Such a small amount of openings means that there is a high probability of getting cheap skins only. Opening a case in a standard way gets you a skin whether you like it or not. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could choose which case to buy and which to skip! I think you already guessed that this can be done with X-ray cases)

The X-ray opening occurs as follows: you “look through" the case and see the name and price of the skin that is in it:

An X-Ray Case Opening

Attention! You only get information (the name and the price), not the skin itself. The price for an X-ray opening is 10% of the case cost. If you are not satisfied with the expected winnings, you can skip the case and “look through" the next one. If the X-ray shows that the case contains an expensive skin, the system will offer 2 options:

  1. Pay the full cost of the case and get the skin in your inventory.
  2. Get the winnings to your account, in which case you don’t need to pay for the case.

Just imagine how many cases you can safely “look through” and win expensive skins – a knife or a "Covert".

Advantages of X-ray case opening:
  • 10 times cheaper than regular!
  • You can find out which skin you will get
  • No roulettes

Note that this is just an example for illustrative purposes. X-ray openings don’t guarantee the exact same skins. Nevertheless, you will receive a greater number of openings for the same account balance as shown in the example. You must admit that the chance of winning a good skin with 10 openings is much higher than with 2.

X-ray cases are a new profitable case opening mode designed for CS:GO players who just want some updates to their inventory. X-ray mode for cases is available only at csbet.gg. Hurry up and try it out, and you will no longer want to open cases as before.

Legendary Eagle
Case cost: 400
Global Elite
Case cost: 900